Thursday, July 30, 2009

me, myself, and Christ

alone is so very warm.

i am transported to
a great place, to a wonderful
state of being where
You have always been.

serenity is all around me; i

lift my hands to receive its
invisible Presence.

here in the midst of
Your endless Glory,
i see for myself

that Your Love
surpasses any other.

Friday, July 24, 2009


you said I was the best you ever had,
that I could stand next to all those others and shine.
it was a lie.
you didn’t love me for what was inside
you gave me the time of day
so I would give you some good nights,
Now I’m largely disillusioned
questioning the official definition
of true beauty
and I’m mad because
the fire you spit was toxic,
poisoning my spirit something serious,
I want to ask you this:
why can’t you be different
instead of degrading the women
and hurting their feelings?
I know you’re trying to stay fly,
so why not rap about the music drive
that keeps you alive?
why is it that hip-hop equals
money, cars, and heartache?
all the girls who watch the videos
suddenly think they should be vixens.
you hold more power over some of us
than the White House and Congress.
we disregard subliminal messages
shouting your lyrics with no shame
but now that we know the truth
we have something important to say:
stop the music,
hold the mike,
let me get this right
I won’t get a shout out
if I don’t give it up?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i've been home from louisville for about a week and a half now. and part of me still can't believe i made it. the program was one heck of an experience. class each day from 9 to 5, pages of notes, a plethora of new things to learn and apply to life outside the classroom. my first taste of what medical school will probably be like a few years down the road.

but i almost messed up.

i was so caught up in wondering how much i lacked compared to others in the program, so worried that my brain couldn't retain all of the facts i had to commit to memory over the six weeks...that i almost missed out on the beauty of the experience. i am so glad i put those qualms aside. i met so many people, took so many pictures, learned so many things, made so many memories. worrying about the program would have made the 6 weeks completely unenjoyable. God allowed me to see past that uncertainty. and i must say that i'm the better for it.