Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Water (I Won't Drown)

I don’t need you 
I need stability 
And all the promises you made 
They don’t mean a thing to me 
Your words are water 
I am worn and weathered down 
But I won’t drown 

Verse 1: 
You were a head rush 
Sweet nothings falling like rain 
I tried to cover my head 
But I couldn’t stop the flood 
We were the best and worst 
Smiling and gasping for air 
But I’m finally catching my breath 
And I think that you should know 

Verse 2: 
Back on my own two feet 
I’ll climb out from under your cloud 
Learning to dance in the storm 
Every time it starts to pour 
Maybe the wind gets strong 
But it won’t be bringing me down 
Here comes the hurricane now
You’re not gonna knock me out