Sunday, September 23, 2012

the things my brain comes up with scare me sometimes...

saw a tumblr post about Aokigahara (aka "suicide forest") in Japan.  apparently it's the second most popular site for suicides in the world behind the Golden Gate Bridge.
and i suddenly got 2 ideas.  very strange, possibly a bit gloomy, but ideas nonetheless.
  1. whenever i go to Japan, i should go to Aokigahara, maybe to lay flowers somewhere, maybe just to pay homage to lives taken
  2. it may be interesting to write some sort of fiction work (maybe a short story if it's compact enough) about a man who drives across the U.S. intending to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.  not sure at this point if he actually does at the end.  but maybe i don't need to know that until we actually get there.
not sure why i posted this here, seeing as how i usually leave my darker musings to more private places...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

that awesome moment when you realize you're exactly where you need to be

i'm so glad i came to Vanderbilt.  i'm so glad that God made my choice relatively easy.

there was a point that i was worried about turning down a full scholarship from UConn.  but i think being down here on federal loans with family and familiar spaces nearby is a lot better than being loanless in a new, strange city would have been.

i'm nothing but grateful that i'm here, with these people.  i know, this post isn't really profound or insightful or anything, but i just had to confess my love for Vanderbilt Medical School and the class of 2016 real quick.