Tuesday, December 15, 2015



show me how you built them.
i won’t ask you
                          to guide my hands.
feel free to just rattle off words,
syllable by syllable,  
                                brick by brick.
it’s okay to be quick.
i’m a fast learner with a long way to go.
you’ve got walls,
                             i want a fortress.
(considering castles, a moat maybe)
but it’s okay to start small.  i just know that
no one needs in here anymore.

tell me about your armor.
you can hold me
                            at arm’s length if you want to.
i understand it’s easier.
i seem to like the hard way.
charge into battle
                              heart first, headstrong, no helmet.
i can’t be that afraid of getting hurt.
(but God does it hurt)
so maybe it’s time to defend myself.  after all,

i’m not beautiful enough to break you.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

幽霊睡眠 (Yuurei Suimin, Haunted Sleep)

Consider my luck:
All of my dreams and nightmares
Seem to feature you.