Friday, August 19, 2016

嵐のチェーサー (arashi no chēsā, storm chaser)

I have a habit
Of running toward danger
When others have fled

Monday, June 13, 2016

悲しみ (kanashimi, grief)

somewhere among the
memories and well-wishes
perhaps we'll find peace

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Water (I Won't Drown)

I don’t need you 
I need stability 
And all the promises you made 
They don’t mean a thing to me 
Your words are water 
I am worn and weathered down 
But I won’t drown 

Verse 1: 
You were a head rush 
Sweet nothings falling like rain 
I tried to cover my head 
But I couldn’t stop the flood 
We were the best and worst 
Smiling and gasping for air 
But I’m finally catching my breath 
And I think that you should know 

Verse 2: 
Back on my own two feet 
I’ll climb out from under your cloud 
Learning to dance in the storm 
Every time it starts to pour 
Maybe the wind gets strong 
But it won’t be bringing me down 
Here comes the hurricane now
You’re not gonna knock me out

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Freewrite #3

There are actually 2 other freewrites somewhere on this blog...this one is from back in October.  Happened during worship one Wednesday night.

Herein is love that transcends feeling
You adore me when I'm less than likable
When your face is the last thing I'm seeking
And I'm thinking 
how could this broken vessel 
be your most prized possession
I've done nothing to admire
Life nothing but mire
But Lord you inspire
It's your breath in my lungs so I'll never get tired
And I will aspire to be all you desire

全体性 (Zentai-sei, wholeness)

Wrote this series of haiku in a card for a friend a few months ago.  

We sometimes assume
That those with the brightest smiles
Have never shed tears

The reality:
Strength often makes itself known
After we've felt weak

But the wisest words
Great poetry and passion
Can come from our pain

And without the night
We would find it harder to
Appreciate day

Always remember:
You're more than your history--
Hospitals, heartbreak--

You're laughter, light, joy
Today, tomorrow, always
Beautifully whole.

Monday, January 18, 2016

苦い (nigai, bitter)

i am pitch black night
glasses all half empty and
vitriolic speech


Write the damage down—
Don't hold back.

Replay every permutation of no,
All the diminished returns,
Each day that called you an option.

Realize it's a lot safer inside your own head—
At least for now,
Perhaps forever.

Unhook your heart from your sleeve;
Place it back in your chest
Where it's warm and no one can crush it.

Make a new mantra of self-preservation
And scream it to yourself through your tears.

Just remember to lock the door when you're done,
Or history will repeat itself—
More patterns will weave their way inside,
And before you even know what's happened,
You'll have more damage to write down.