Friday, October 30, 2009

kai xing shu (happy tree)

autumn here is nothing short of beautiful.  the weather can't decide its mood, but the trees never seem to notice.

i still remember senior year, when anna, lauren, and i named the sapling outside our latin class window.  we named it  kai xing shu (happy tree) because looking at it cheered everyone up.

it's been a while since i thought about it, but just recently i found kai xing shu again.

there's a huge tree not too far from winthrop house, whose leaves have all turned a splendid gold.  i walk under it almost every morning on my way to my hectic life.  but i always have to stop (rather, slow my pace) and look up.

because looking at those branches stretch to the sky, looking at the showers of richly colored like looking up at pure happiness.

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  1. You write so well ^^~~~

    いいです! そしてきれいですよ...