Saturday, January 23, 2010

I must confess...

i am madly, deeply in love.

You have shown me that You are all that i need.  i keep forgetting just how much You care.  i keep forgetting how close You truly are to every part of me.  but i don't want to forget that again.

i like the warmth of Your embrace, the way that feeling You feels.  it's not like any other human closeness.  it starts from my heart and moves to the rest of me.  to be honest, i think it's unusual.  completely, utterly, beautifully unusual.

my heart has been taken advantage of on more than one occasion.  sometimes it's hard to open up, hard to be truthful, for fear of rejection or whatever else might come about.  but You easily break down those walls, the fortress that i've tried to build.  You leave me vulnerable...but then You stand by as protection.

i give You the key to my heart.  because i know You won't abuse the privilege of knowing me on such a level.

Jesus, i love You.


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