Saturday, May 8, 2010

Internal Conflict (B-side)

the dust has cleared and confusion has dissipated.

the impending decision lay before me / the life i knew and loved lay behind me.

i had two choices.  i could stay where i was, be happy where i was.  run in the same circles i've been used to.  or i could leave that behind to follow after what a FatherUnseen has desired for me.  an uncertain path, stretched out to OnlyHeKnowsWhere..

i stood in the middle, feeling saddened to the nth / knowing what the eventual choice would be.

here i am, a little bit later.  i've packed up said my goodbyes and i've begun this Journey started walking toward this existence the FatherUnseen wants me to chase.

&i'm learning every day that Listening to HisVoice is the hardestmostnecessary thing we must do in the land of the living.

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