Saturday, July 17, 2010


she picks petals off daisies
playing that timeless trap of a game
as if "he loves me" doesn't fall
on every odd number

she chases after clouds
ignoring that cliche number nine
because eight and three quarters
is enough to be happy

she looks to the sky
uttering that age-old nighttime rhyme
if only she'd realize
those shooting stars are just airplanes

1 comment:

  1. interesting idea.
    you lost your newness after the mention of 9 and then 8 3/4 and then the shooting stars are airplanes...
    BUT THEN AGAIN, maybe the writer herself is naive? but you have it written "if only she'd realize" the writer naive too? :) I LIKE THIS... but it's very important to know the time-frame reference then no? and why mix the B.O.B. "Airplanes" with the HP reference? -tash