Monday, February 21, 2011

Notes From Toah Nipi #4 (on quiet time)

today i felt the closest to God that i've ever felt in my life.

standing there, in the cold and the snow and the ice, staring out at the lake with arms outstretched and tears rolling down my face freely, i tangibly felt Him, like He was hugging me perhaps.  think of it: the Creator of the universe, the Grand Orchestrator of all things, embracing me, His lowly and helpless child.  it was a moment so intense, so overwhelming and yet so necessary.  in it i experienced the pleasantness of warmth in the midst of winter cold, saw glimmers of His Presence in everything around me, and felt a wave of emotion so great that crying and whispering words of love to Him seemed like the only appropriate response.

i found "Hosanna" by Hillsong on my iPod and put it on repeat.  and as it began to play i could almost feel Him telling me to sink to my knees, to close my eyes and just sing to Him for a little while.  so i did.  and even though the ground where i knelt was cold and uncomfortable, i didn't mind.  what i really wanted was to stay there forever.

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