Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the God i serve...

(Now Playing: "Serve You Only" -- Joann Rosario)

the God i serve...

He keeps revealing Himself to me at the most random times, in the most spectacular ways.

His presence is tangible, like an embrace.  i know i've said that before, but that's really the only way i can describe this feeling.  His hands, all powerful, nail-scarred...holding me close. and in the simple things that make me smile--a song on my iPod, a beautiful blue sky, a Facebook message from a dear friend--in those things, i hear Him whispering, "I love you."  over and over again, like a record gloriously and eternally broken.

and i've started to realize...just when i start to think that i'm close to Him, just when i think my love for Him is its fullest, richest, deepest, and that i'll burst if i try to love Him more...He shows me that i've barely scratched the surface.  one night last week, when i had just gotten to bed and was praying, talking to God about the day...i got the sudden urge to just...get out of bed and think about Him, praise Him, anything, everything.  i didn't act on it, and i eventually went to sleep, but the moment at which the thought entered my mind is one that i don't want to forget.

maybe i'm not coherent right now (it is 2:15, and i do have work i'm neglecting), but i just had to say something, and this just felt right.

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