Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Cartoon Network

I used to love watching your channel as a kid...Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls...these were some of the shows I grew up with and positively adored.  After watching these classics, I too wanted a top-secret laboratory in my room, I too wanted to fly around the City of Townsville and save the world before bedtime.  I remember creating my own characters and placing them in their own story lines alongside my two-dimensional heroes and heroines; my imagination ran wild with harmless possibilities.

Now, things have changed; I'm afraid it's a change for the worse.

I saw this video in my Facebook news feed not too long ago...and I have to say, I'm disgusted.  If I had a daughter, I would never let her watch something like this for fear of what she might do with what she's just seen.  I wouldn't want her practicing provocative dance moves in front of a mirror, or whatever else she might think to do from watching a clip like this.  You might say that you're giving children and their parents a warning by slapping a Viewer Discretion Advised icon on the screen, but you should know...that doesn't always keep a curious child from looking at things that aren't meant for them.

I understand that sex sells, believe me, I do...but why are you trying to sell it to children?  Whatever happened to innocent cartoons, the ones without questionable dialogue, skimpy outfits, or subject matter more fitting for adults?

...When did we start thinking it was right for kids to grow up so quickly?

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  1. remember that time I came over to your house to watch Sailor Moon when we were kids? highlight of my childhood. I'm always a little mortified at the things my little sister watches (she's ~7th grade now) but the quality of entertainment for kids has gone done substantially. Cartoons are just plain crappy now. Plus everything is tied to cultivating this idea that you need to grow up and be a superstar music artist. Like Hannah Montana. /rolls eyes.