Monday, November 21, 2011

i bet you think this poem's about you

you used to run through my mind all the time--marathon
but we've finally crossed the finish line--i'm done
trying to focus on a definite distraction
wondering where i rank on your list of situations
reducing myself to two X chromosomes because your company made me feel sexy
i'm not interested in getting my heart broken
it already has deep cracks in places
but here i was acting like this fling didn't hurt me
there i went attempting to assume the role of the player
ignoring emotions though without them, this piece would never happen
guess i thought i could use you without feeling used
now i see that was stupid, a mentality that made me miserable
i barely recognized myself
some nights i'd take a long look in the mirror and ask
what happened to you?
you were meant to live for so much more than semi-drunken hookups and misplaced emotions
you're a why you keep rollin deep with them paupers?
and i would come so close to calling it quits
but eventually quench my qualms in the name of
"quality time" with a cute guy
and every morning after, i'd wake up and realize
that the whole thing was ridiculous
i could be so much stronger than all of this
here's the thing
all a girl really wants is your attention
and sometimes she'll sell her soul to get it
i confess, that was my sin
but now i'm taking this back to church
this next part may convict you, but i gotta be direct to come correct
it's time for me to elevate my conversation
i need to stop settling for these boys with their short-term affections
and start holding out for that man whose eyes are level with Heaven
see the only one i need is Jesus
and i gotta stop bowing to you like you're my Savior
i'm through tryna dance with demons
it takes two to tango, but only one to walk it out
so if you don't mind, i think imma get to steppin.

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  1. once again, the margins disagree with the ends of my b.