Friday, June 12, 2009

brAiN StoRM

Brain Storm (writer’s block revisited)

(in theory, ink is spilling priceless thoughts on the page)

the boundary barrier between inside
and outside is uncomfortable
reality. a wall of nothing (that
can be felt) inhibits the
transition of my this my
declaration contemplation from the

to the masses (the this
wall is made of a looking glass;
i and my words mind
see you with 20/20 clarity
but neither of us can
reach you). the words we
shatter against this

tangibility; possibility
never stood had a chance. i
know realize that
it’s only supposed to happen on my
side of things but

i still attempt to send slip send little
scraps pieces slips of poetic declaration a-
cross the border barrier
(maybe this time
they’ll reach you get there);

only scraps of
a masterpiece make
any sense.

(in theory, this will never be complete finished perfect).

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