Saturday, May 21, 2011

the "end of the world" - a rant by yours truly

people said that today would be our last day on earth as we know it.  but unless something happens in the next 3 hours or so, it seems that our planet will still be spinning on its axis in the morning.

see, the Bible says in Matthew 24:36 that nobody knows when the rapture is going to take place.  nobody.

so if you're the type of person who likes to make guesses about the second coming, please stop.  because whatever so-called logic you use to predict the end of the world will crumble, you'll lose whatever money you bet on the date and time, and you'll end up making Christianity look bad instead of scaring people into coming to faith.  

while i'm at it, let's get this out there too: the Mayans never predicted the end of the world.  the Mayan calendrical system consisted of many units of time, one of the longer ones being the baktun.  the only thing the Mayans predicted about 12/24/12 was that the 13th baktun would end.  no apocalypse, no great flood, just the equivalent of flipping over another page in the calendar.  honestly, i think it's more likely for Santa Claus to make an appearance on Christmas Eve 2012 than for the world to spontaneously cease to exist.

in closing, instead of trying to figure out when the world's going to end, why don't you make sure you're ready for whenever the hour might be?  call up old friends, go to church more than once a month, take up a hobby, something.  just stop trying to play the fortune teller...for all of our sakes.

thus ends my little rant.  sorry if it's a bit rough. 

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