Monday, May 16, 2011

waiting for the sunrise...

(Now Playing: "Bright Morningstar" -- Tiesto)

it's finally sunken in that junior year is over.  it took a full day of packing and a great deal of distance from campus to make that happen.  as i sit here in my grandparents' house in new york, surfing the web as my mom and grandmother carry an air mattress into the living room, everything that's happened recently--exams, final projects, move-out--is beginning to feel real.

i'm looking forward to this summer.  somewhere among finishing another song, working on the AMCAS application, attempting to pick up snippets of a new language online, and considering a part-time job (and a subsequent switch from PC to Mac if the money's there), i know i have some growing to do.  senior year is slowly creeping up on the horizon, like a sunrise long-awaited but somehow slightly unsettling...and i need to be ready for both the fun times and the work that needs to be done once the new day has dawned.

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  1. i've posted the song before...reposted because it reminds me of waking up early to watch the sunrise in a scenic location.

    also, if anyone's wondering, the pics i occasionally post are completely random and lovingly ripped from google image search.