Wednesday, June 22, 2011

urban spelunking and excessive web surfing

right now i'm looking up pictures and video of Dixie Square Mall on the internet.  i don't know why i'm so interested in it; it's just kind of fascinating that it's been abandoned since the 1970s (and after numerous efforts, it doesn't look like it will ever be completely demolished or remodeled) and that people have made a hobby out of exploring it.  there are entire websites devoted to it and other vacant malls and buildings, hotspots for gutsy adventurers, the likes of which i am not.  i wish i had the time, resources, and courage to do some urban exploration of my own someday (a posse to do it with would be nice too).  since i don't have all of that, i suppose diving through countless wikipedia pages will have to suffice.  or maybe i could take it a step further and write a short story about a small band of urban explorers once my prose life is back in order.  that way, i can spelunk* vicariously through fictional characters.

*google chrome doesn't recognize "spelunk" in spell check.  if it isn't actually a word, it should be.  besides, how can you have a gerund without a verb?

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