Saturday, October 29, 2011

the improv poet, pt. 1

this pretty much came out of nowhere.  call it stream of consciousness, if you want.  but whatever you do, help me figure out a (real) title!! :)

so maybe i'll experiment with improvisation
i don't know, just keep writing one day
further and further down the page
until i get to something i'm proud to call Poetry.

i heard a guy once at an open mic who spun stories like spider webs around Halloween,
talked about conversations in hardware stores and theater kid games in high school.
and i thought it was really cool
how he was writing poetry in thin air with his vocal cords without even trying.
he was just talking but somehow it felt different than mere dialogue.
there was some sort of spell behind his words,
because they made us laugh and nod our heads knowingly as they flowed out of him,

much like the words are flowing out of me now, might i add.
but i digress just a tad.

back to that night, when we all sat comfortably in a coffee house,
chewing on free pastries and sipping overpriced lattes,
listening to this guy tell his life story in a couple of minutes.
well, when he finished,
i thought about all the times i've tried to write and failed miserably.
when i had some diabolical plan in place
to make my dreams come alive with rhymes and alliteration
and all that stuff they teach you about in English class,
but somewhere along the line my train of thought crashed
and i was left with nothing but fragments.

considering all this i said to myself,
"why not experiment with improvisation?"

and now we've come full circle
concluded where we commenced
and somehow that makes the most sense.

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