Wednesday, January 11, 2012

an inexplicable fear

i've been working on one particular piece since september or october.  it took forever, but i've finally laid the foundation and now i'm in that perpetual no-man's land many of us like to call the editing stage.

i should be happy about the progress i've made.  it brings me one step closer to performing this piece at some random open mic or publishing it here on my blog (or both).  anyone who knows me knows that i like to share what i write, no matter how dark or crazy or silly it is.  for some reason, letting people get this tiny peek into my twisted little brain is usually an exciting prospect.

but with this poem, it's a bit different.

for some reason, this poem sort of scares me.  i'm not sure if this fear exists because this piece is personal, if i'm afraid that i haven't chosen the right words, or if i'm afraid of how people will receive what i have to say...

all i know is that the closer i get to finally feeling like i'm "done" with this poem...the more fearful i become.


  1. Is this what I think it is? -- Laura.

  2. yeah, it is.

    how did i know it was you before i even read the comment? :P