Saturday, February 4, 2012

just dance

i wish i had known i was interested in hip-hop dance sooner.  i would have actually auditioned for Expressions before now instead of going there yesterday just to learn choreo and not try out.

i loved just about every minute of learning choreo.  it just felt...right...for me to be there.  i'm planning to do Company Piece so i can learn and perform with them without having to do way too much rehearsal.  thinking about not doing it leaves me feeling hollow; i think i'd regret not doing Company Piece even more than i'd regret the sleep deprivation and the late nights catching up on work.

when we were all learning choreo, some people found themselves tired after awhile.  and though i knew i could use some water and a piece of fruit (or 4), i was pumped the whole time.  and i felt like i was actually getting some of the choreo instead of looking foolish like i thought i would.

fast forward to yesterday evening, at my friend's party.  i was freestyling to just about every song..and feeling good about it.  people were asking me where i learned to dance, and i had no idea what to tell them.  honestly, it felt amazing to be the center of attention... :P

in short, "auditioning" for Expressions today may have given me the confidence i needed to be more free whenever and wherever i dance.  hope this wasn't just a one time boost in confidence, though...

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