Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kaleidoscope: Author's Note

back in middle school, some friends and i wrote fan fictions.  the longest running project was our collection of Yu-Yu Hakusho fictions.  even though some of us were nothing more than quiet fans of the anime (i didn't even watch it regularly), we all created original characters and storylines, periodically sharing stacks of typed and handwritten pages with the others in the writing circle.  i never finished my fan fiction, called Kaleidoscope, but i've kept it since the 7th or 8th grade; what i wrote is currently sitting in a folder on my computer's hard drive (and on my external hard drive too, just in case...).

i always wanted to go back and finish that story.  looking back on the original draft, i can honestly say it's worse than the Twilight series (half-hearted apologies to all Stephenie Meyer fans).  the characters had no depth, the plot had no legitimate substance...i was basically writing because all of my friends were writing.  this realization is in part what led me to conclude that i was never meant to write prose.

even still, that desire to get to the end of my plot line hasn't left me.  so, although i'm a college graduate and my middle school shenanigans seem like ancient history, (re)writing Kaleidoscope has become an ongoing project once again.  and i've decided to post it here, in installments, as i revise each piece (just don't expect them too regularly; i am on my way to medical school).  some parts may still appear rough and Twilight-esque, but i'm no longer terribly concerned.  i'm mostly doing this for myself, to one day say that i finally finished, even if every other one of my friends put their pens away a long time ago.

thanks for indulging me for a (very lengthy) second,

for the sake of consistency, i'll probably refrain from giving canon characters a physical description so readers who are unfamiliar with YYH know when a character can be googled and when a character is coming straight from my brain or the brain of one of my friends.

and to that original band of fellow storytellers, thanks for reading, critiquing, and even helping to write parts of the very first draft.  i still have the pages with your comments filling up every available space.

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