Sunday, June 10, 2012

tatted up

is this weird?  

i'll probably never get a tattoo.  but i know exactly what i would get if i decided to.  and it's a rather lengthy list that's still growing.

  1. a barcode at the base of my neck
  2. right beneath #1, "3Ni"
  3. kanji for "ebony" (黒檀either right next to or beneath #2, on my left wrist, or behind my left ear
  4. kanji for "fire" (火) on my back, between my shoulders, possibly with red and orange flames around it
  5. a music note (probably a dotted eighth branched with a sixteenth, just to be a bit creative) behind my right ear
  6. "pain" in katakana (ペーン) twice around my right wrist, facing me on one side and facing outward in the other.  this idea comes partly from Naruto and partly as a reminder that we are capable of hurting people just as much as people hurt us.  a bit dark, but it is what it is
  7. a quarter rest on my ankle or behind my left ear if nothing else is there (i just thought of this one as i was typing)
  8. a semicolon somewhere (ankle? Finger?), in reference to the semicolon movement that raises awareness about mental illness and addiction--my story isn't over yet (
  9. "worth • the • wait" around the base of my left ring finger
  10. "mercy > judgement" and "James 2:13" on my left forearm/wrist
  11. "overcomer" on my right collarbone
  12. "Jehovah Jireh" in Hebrew (יְהוָה יִרְאֶה) on my right index finger
  13. "Namaste" (नमस्ते) on one of my ankles

1 comment:

  1. i also know how many tattoos i want and where and what and i will also most likely never get them

    i like the barcode idea, i got a fake one on my wrist once, it was pretty cool