Thursday, November 29, 2012

a mile-high rant

one might ask why this simple image makes me furious.  just keep reading.

i am roughly 6 feet tall.  if you've seen me in person, you may not have realized this--i think i slouch a bit (which some people say is a mark of a tall person's insecurity.  in my case, i don't know).  as such, i deal with not being able to find clothes that are long enough for my arms and legs, having complete strangers ask me, "do you play basketball?" as if it's supposed to be a compliment, and yes, feeling like smaller girls will always be "cute" and i'll always be "intimidating."  

no, i have nothing against those of average height or shorter.  but if you've ever been called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, The Green Giant, or "freakishly tall" by people who say they're your friends and they're "just kidding (geez, lighten up)," you start to feel like there's something wrong with you.  like you're a mutant or something.  like you'll never be asked to a formal or get that attention you claim you're strong enough to not need but seek anyway.  all of the pep talks in the world don't fully eradicate the feeling that you're not worth as much as someone who's 5 or so inches shorter.

this seemingly harmless image, which equates "cuteness" with "shortness," is a reminder of all of these negative thoughts that i still fight against.  and no, the smiley face doesn't soften the blow one bit.

*drops mic*

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