Thursday, November 22, 2012

things i'm (mega-/giga-/hella-)thankful for

i realize this year more than ever that the word "thankful" isn't big enough.  i almost want to put a prefix on it like it's some quantifiable SI unit, but the only thing that would do is provide comic relief and not really get to the heart of the matter.

and i usually don't make lists of things i'm thankful for.  most of the time, they feel enormously cliche.  but i just scrolled through the Happy Thanksgiving posts on my Facebook news feed and thought, "why not?"

non-exhaustive and in no particular order--
  • free music
  • friends who are willing to talk you through a problem (academic or otherwise)
  • federal loans (even though i have to pay them back one day)
  • God's omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience
  • black people
  • teachers, whether it's your job description or not
  • bass (as in music, not as in fish.  although that's pretty good too i'll bet)
  • choreo videos on youtube
  • spoken word
  • Japanese food (well, ethnic food.  well, food)
  • laughter
  • dancehall
  • means of long-distance communication
  • some form of dancing ability (at the very least, having rhythm)
  • long hugs
  • mistakes and failures (in retrospect at least)
  • dubstep
  • late night conversations 
  • going places with people you care about
  • cleansing crying sessions
  • smiles from attractive strangers
  • blankets
  • older and wiser mentors of all kinds
  • post-party debriefing sessions
  • reggaeton
  • natural hair--this includes my current obsession with (well-kept) dreadlocks
  • medical school (fun times and challenges alike)
  • my senior year of college
  • mental breaks
  • the book of Psalms (feeling Psalm 140 right now)
  • prayer warriors
  • late night snacks
  • forgiveness
  • human resiliency
what does your list look like?

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