Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I posted about this song several years ago (see here, see here), but I just realized I never posted the lyrics when I finished the song.

verse 1
well, they told me admitting it is half the battle
so imma step up on my soapbox and give you all a piece of my mind
tell you my name and spin you a tale
of how i’m probably an addict, and i think that i’m dying from it.
i have these dreams, or maybe they’re nightmares
about the day that we crossed paths and how
i haven’t been the same since
and now staying and leaving, they both seem like suicide

chorus (2x):
it seems i can’t shake you
deep down i know i need to
even still, i don’t care
i guess i’ll die by your poison

verse 2
well, now i’m in my bed but hardly sleeping
see i know i shouldn’t miss you but it’s all i really want to do
i didn’t know i had fallen so far
is this pleasure or pain, cause i can’t seem to distinguish the two
my brain's a fog and my hands won’t stop shaking
i guess this is my version of withdrawal
but i don’t think that i can sober up
at the rate that i’m going, I'll be gone tomorrow


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