Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jericho Road

i had nothing to lose
no standing with
the ones who passed him by
there were no promises
writ for me in the
ancient scrolls
whose words they ritualized

but what of the man
beaten and discarded
by the dusty road?

blood disguised his features
yet i knew he was of Jerusalem.

i saw men of God's temple there
treat him like a dying dog
disowning their
brother in the faith their
peculiar purity at stake

but i had nothing to lose
a Samaritan low as a slave
so i walked where
the priest and the Levite would not
stretched out my hand
to help him as a friend
i had supplies for his wounds
an animal for him to ride
and money for a quiet inn nearby

and as i left him
in the innkeeper's care
i marveled at the day's events:

i had nothing to lose
but i gained something great

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