Saturday, August 7, 2010

say my name

if you've ever wondered about the title of my blog, gather 'round and i'll tell you a story.

i think Eni first came about when i was in middle school.  at that time, i was writing "stories," "poems," and "songs" fairly frequently.  i put those in quotation marks because in retrospect i'm not sure if the organized chaos i scribbled down back then could pass for any of those things.  in any case, i enjoyed writing; "author" was pretty high up on my possible career list.  because of this, i thought it would be cool to come up with a pseudonym.

the search was on for the perfect pen name.  i don't remember how long the brainstorming process took, or what some of the names that didn't make it were.  all i know is one day the lightbulb came on.  i recalled reading some stories by Avi throughout school (for example, "What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything," which i only remember because of the catchy title).  i always thought his name was kind of neat.  yes, it only had three letters, but something made "Avi" much more aesthetically appealing to me than O'Henry or Mark Twain ever were. 

the more i thought about it, the more a three-letter pseudonym started to sound like a great idea for me too.  that probably makes me somewhat of a copycat, but i'll be honest...almost all of my "creative" ideas back in the day were "inspired" by something else that already existed.  anyway, once i realized that my initials made a pronounceable name, Eni was born.

Eni's about 9 years old now, which makes me feel pretty ancient.  i've recently updated the name to 3Ni to reflect my semi-fascination with leet (no, i wasn't thinking of Ke$ha at the time), but i've never messed with the general idea.  Eni/3Ni has not and will never refer to some alter-ego, nor will it ever officially replace my real name (although according to my birth certificate i did spend the first 4 years of my life with a slightly different first name than i have now...).  it's nothing more than a pseudonym...nothing less than all of me. 

thanks for listening.

with love,

~* 3Ni *~

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