Sunday, August 8, 2010

of Carpenters and Kings

i sat nervously
at my station
watching the others work
we had been told
to build our best
in preparation for
the Master's coming

others had constructed crowns
and sculpted stately thrones
were still working
to make them perfect

i had finished long before
my piece was small
nothing special
a basin
its wood not known for beauty
i had barely been able
to mend the crack it bore
i wondered doubtfully
about its worth

at last the Master Carpenter came
all tools ceased their movement
in the hands of the students
from where i sat
i could
see the others
their countenances confident
praise for their pieces imminent

but the Master beheld
their crowns
their scepters
their thrones
in silence
walked past them
without a word

and my heart sank
because i knew
that mine was the least of these

but when the Master
reached my station
he held out his weathered hands
and accepted my piece
when i offered it to him

as i watched
his fingers
caressed the crack
in the basin
and his face broke
into a quiet smile

he inquired
about the purpose
intended for the piece
i replied
that it was made
only to wash feet

the Master Carpenter nodded
turning the basin over
in his hands once more
placing it back on my station

before he turned away
he looked deep into my eyes
smiled and whispered

Well Done

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