Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just a Teenage Dream about Dynamite and Airplanes

(DISCLAIMER: this started out as a 2am post, so it's probably pretty rough.  and grammatically incorrect. enjoy it though. ^_______^)

since i got my ipod last Christmas, i've largely stopped listening to the radio.  but there are rare moments when i do tune in.  these moments are quite short, and i often regret them later.  why?  because of what i like to call "uber pop."

before continuing this rant i guess i should define the term.  what i call uber pop are the songs that have taken recent top 40 by storm.  they might be about blatantly shallow topics, like cheapened versions of love or physical attraction.  perhaps they reek of cheesy Hallmark-card rhymes.  maybe they involve autotune whose placement is not in the least strategic.  the accompanying music videos may make absolutely no sense but get all the hits on Youtube.  or maybe you find the songs largely pointless as a whole but still get stuck on them any given day of the week because they have a sickly saccharine sound.

now, don't get me wrong...i used to be as into top 40 as the next person.  and every now and then there's that pop song that gets caught in my head and i actually start to like it.  or the song that comes on at the party and i immediately say "i hate this song" and start dancing to it at the same time.

but let's be real.  in my opinion we're all victims of an uber pop epidemic.  i for one think the cure might involve a little lauryn hill.  they say she's coming back and i'm sitting here waiting as patiently as i can...

but anyway, with (so many) songs like "Take it Off" and "Telephone" out there right now, i feel like i could have hit it big when i was Willow Smith's age (slight tangent: i love "Whip My Hair."  the fact that i readily admit that probably completely contradicts this post, but hey...).  does it really take talent to drop tracks where singing (that isn't digitally altered) is optional?

thus ends my uber pop rant.  i'll step off the soap box and listen to some janelle monae for a while to cool off.


P.S. if you haven't noticed, i love Skullcandy headphones. :-P

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