Thursday, September 2, 2010


the sun's oppression makes for lethargic mornings and brains only half functional.  coherent thought is resting to escape the heat.  sigh.  the fans whir on my desk.  white noise, a part of the background, like the calm clacking of my roommate's computer keys.  pages turn.  i'm reading ulysses for reasons unknown.  i pause to look out the window at the blues and greens.  in a minute i'll be out there again, trying to satiate the animal desire for food and the human desire for fellowship. then the afternoon is mine.  laundry's piling up.  books to buy.  songs to finish.  sleep to catch up on.  ah sleep.  a power nap would be nice.  i laugh at now-invisible typos i've had to change since this post began.  i wonder why i even started this post.  it's anyone's guess.  i for one blame james joyce.  or perhaps the sun's oppression.  

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