Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Little Taste of Freedom

(Now Playing: "I Am Not My Hair" -- India.Arie)

earlier today, when it wasn't raining as furiously as it is now, i walked outside without covering my hair or using an umbrella.  only for a few minutes.  but those few minutes felt like the start of something good.

i'm sick of being bound by my hair, being the typical black girl who shies away from storms and sweat and water parks and swimming pools.  i honestly don't want that to be a part of my identity anymore.  my natural curls have too much potential to be forced into this straight, unnatural role they've been playing since i was little.

one of these days, old Press & Curl and i are going to part ways.  i'm going to hang up my rain scarf, let my hair down, and be free.

and it's going to be beautiful.

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  1. ...felt the same way this morning...and, yes, India Arie flashed through my mind...decided to let the gray hair do its thing...no more forcing it to turn black again...unless someone asks me if my kids are my grandkids...then I'll have to reconsider...and call Miss Clairol again...