Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breathe (posted to Facebook on 5/18/08)

us Together.
The only thing Between us now
is the love we could never share.
My Tears are your Sorrow;
your Silence, my Symphony.

I felt when I met you
that we were closely Intertwined,
Fates Woven together
with intricate, Divine care.

But a dark feeling Gripped me:
a thought that you
would never see that truth.

That doesn't matter now,
because I'm finally Close to you,
just like I'd always desired to be.

I've only Told you before
how much I care,
but you thought to Show me
by this gentle Embrace,
this gift you've bestowed upon me.

You've unlocked me completely,
made me your Home,
warmed me to the core.

And I know that I wish
Your Arms to be
my Resting Place forever,
just like they are now;
Now, as we
Breathe as One.

1 comment:

  1. "your silence, my symphony" my favourite part.
    you write clean and clear!