Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marionette (posted to Facebook on 2/23/08) (hope it works)

'Cause I'm possessed by the hope of a love that will never become anything
Golden opportunity rarely makes house calls for me, yeah.

Verse 1:
The living room smells like sandalwood and sorrow
Piano man's playing our song, whoever you are
My heart's saying things that my mind really don't wanna hear
I'm stuck on a word and I can't turn the pages
Felicity hasn't come calling in ages
Your face in the fire, it warms and it burns me again...


Verse 2:
I keep having dreams of your hand holding my hand
Or maybe you're holding my heart, what's the difference
I can't even move unless you command me to
I'm pulled by a force, I can't seem to oppose it
The strings are attached and you don't even know it
You might possibly be the world's greatest puppeteer


When I look in your eyes, I don't see anything
I still can't help my feelings


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