Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mIsFiT (posted to Facebook on 5/17/09)

remember those small jigsaw puzzles that had the extra pieces? you know, the ones where at the end you'd have this beautiful picture and two or three pieces that didn't fit into the puzzle?

you'd play around with those pieces, thinking they contributed somehow to the whole picture--they just seemed so similar to the rest of the group, like they belonged in the puzzle, right? at the end, though, you'd be so happy with the completed picture, and, if you didn't throw the other few pieces away, you'd put them back in the box or the bag; you'd forget them. and each time you'd bring that puzzle out again, you'd know exactly what went where, know exactly which pieces didn't belong from the very beginning.

i've realized something...no matter how similar i seem...i am forever one of those unnecessary pieces that lies apart from the beautiful whole.

can someone tell me why this is?

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