Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sultry Red Beauty (posted to Facebook on 6/27/08)

I'm nervous on the sidewalk,
pacing back and forth
in my ruby red stilletos.

(I hope I look beautiful.)

I'm waiting under a full moon,
in front of your apartment,
eyes on my red-strapped watch.

(You're taking your time, beautiful.)

I'm growing impatient now;
and I look like a streetwalker
in my siren red strapless.

(The men say, 'Hello, Beautiful.')

I see you parking now, late as ever.
You're on the driver's side
of a blood-red Ferrari.

(I always thought that car was beautiful.)

You're stepping out of the car,
And walking to the other side
To hold open the red door.

(A beautiful.)

A woman steps out of the car:
A vixen if I ever saw one,
White smile parting shiny red lips.

(Now I don't feel so beautiful.)

You walk to your apartment door,
your hands, your lips all over her...
At last, you're caught red handed.

(You'd told ME I was beautiful...)

If this is how you treat the comely,
I'd rather be the repulsive Medusa
and stone you for your red deception.

(Revenge is sweet, beautiful.)

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