Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Easter Speech (posted to Facebook on 3/27/08)


eyes searching
the CME* crowd
filling the Baptist church,
she looks for Mama
with the old film camera.

I just stopped...

stopped again,
the words stuck in her throat
like the sequins
on her poofy pink
princess dress.

stopped by

to fellowship with Gramma and them
after Pastor's final blessing
over boats of gravy
and Mickey Mouse plates
at the kid's table.

to say...

Gramma's in the front pew,
clutching her humble white
handkerchief as if pleading
"Say it, chil'!"


she remembers
pictures of the Man in White
beaming after three days
of death-sleep in stone.

rose on Easter Day

on that glorious day
she thanks the
Living Savior
as His bride the church

*CME: "Christmas, Mother's Day, and Easter," denoting people who only come to church for those occasions

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