Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Entertainer (posted to Facebook on 5/28/08)

Verse 1:
What are my lyrics to you?
Now they don't make you smile
and they don't make you feel good.
I can't seem to find a way to your heart.
But now I realize
that's not the melody we made;
It's another song
by another someone
that you'll sing just the same.

Every page
that you wrote my story on
now curls up in the fire
that you watch with blazing eyes.
I knew that this would happen.
You don't care about the music;
you just care about the audience
that listens to it played.

Verse 2:
There you go again:
performing in front of all of them.
They cheer, they clap for an encore
and I remain forgotten.
All I am is notes to you,
that you can play when you want to,
and when you're tired of me
you'll just pick up another song.


Just another song
with a rhythm and a melody,
just another song...but you can't see the meaning
(repeat 2x)
just another song
but I'm stronger than you think
I'll pick myself from the ashes
and I'll sing me loud and clear


I don't need youto sing my song for me
(repeat 2x)

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