Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Hit Wonder (posted to Facebook on 5/22/08)

it's a simple melody that
lives in my ears,whispers into my mind,
compelling me to sing
over and over
and over again,

vocal chords caressing each note;
crescendo, decrescendo,
eighth note, quarter.
rising in octaves,
falling in fifths--
a major minor undertaking.

lyrics flowing easily,
verse by verse,
line by line,
each syllable speaking sentiment.

i snap my fingers,
pat my feet,
so in love
with this little tune.

every day i wake
to my wonderful melody.
i hum it through noon.
sometimes the key changes,
but the story stays the same.

soon what was once
wonderful won't let me sleep.

the sweet refrains
have begun to sour,
whispering unrest now,
not the beauty of before.

to mute this melody,
to forever stifle the sound,
would cause me great joy.

still, i can't stop listening.

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