Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a poem in latin (posted to Facebook on 9/4/08)

*i wrote this one for a foreign language fair...and it won first place! i never got my trophy...but that's ok! so i have the original latin and the translation (which may or may not be all the way right...it's been a while since i've looked at this). enjoy*

Pectus, Cupido calide, agit gratias tuo munere sagittae.
adventus veris me suadet citharam colligere gaudentem
postquam olim Boreas equique carmen fecerunt frigidi silentium.
tenera pruinam dissolvit Paphia prohibentem palma.
flamma facem illuminet in perpetuum pectus.

My heart, sultry Cupid, gives thanks for your gift of an arrow.
The coming of spring urges me to pick up the rejoicing lyre
After once Boreas and his frigid horses made my song silent.
The tender Paphian hand has thawed the prohibiting frost.
May the flame forever illuminate the torch in my heart.

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