Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wash Me Clean (posted to Facebook on 6/29/08)

1)The rain outside falls like me
Like the man who ate the Serpent Fruit that day
his face is muddied with his sin
and I remember how I felt
when I first experienced redemption long ago

Wash me clean
so I'm pardoned not convicted
so that the falling guilt shatters on the floor
I need to be baptized in nostalgic feeling
so the tempter's hand can't rot me anymore

2)The water washes over me
Lord, I feel Your wings protecting me from harm
as if I'd never strayed away
and now I'm feeling so renewed
like a child reunited with his father once again

(repeat Chorus)

I never thought you'd ever cleanse my soul again
after I had dirtied myself with the carnal things

(repeat Chorus 2x)

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