Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fragments (posted to Facebook on 2/11/09)

I lead a fragmented existence.

It's...a terrible feeling.

My parents never really sat me down and told me about my ancestors. I can't have any pride in them, the people they were a part of, or the land they walked upon. Because all of that was stolen from them and cruelly witheld from me.

My name was taken,
without the consent of those who came before me.

They say that the unknown is a source of fear. In this case it's a source of almost insatiable curiosity.

My identity...is composed of

It was not broken by my hand, nor do I currently have the power to gather the pieces.

But I want so intensely to gather them.

I...need to.

I want to possess knowledge of my past.

To bind those fragments together for good.

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