Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[poetry] homework should never get in the way of procrastination (posted to Facebook on 5/9/09)

the rain behooves me to internalize, to make use of singular silence and finish my assignments. this one asks me boldly about "the image of the self" in poems that belong to you. frankly, i myself have no words to impart. everything begins and ends in a yawn.

an inevitable realization: i don't know how to translate your thoughts. i may never know your mind like i know mine.

your rhymes, your repetitions, your synesthetic tendencies are beauties imported into the realm of my existence. they hold foreign appeal, the exoticism of a quest to find meaning. but i'm looking for the familiarity of elements that i understand best.

an inescapable truth: i am interested in the music of your words. but i'd rather spend time making my own.

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