Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lesson Learned (posted to Facebook on 7/1/08)

they told me to wait.

and i sat
twiddling my fingers,
rolling my eyes,
resisting their voices
ringing true in my head.

i couldn't take anymore, so
i stood and fought,
forced the tides to turn
for me, myself, and my
restless mind.

but my soul was never
satisfied...i kept fighting,
sacrificing sense to appease it.
soon, there stood a hole
at the bottom of my heart.

as i collapsed, weak from
a war but weary of warnings,
that incessant voice from
above and inside
whispered one word:


unclenching my fists,
willing myself to be still,
i succumbed to the word
that has never left,
but always waited for me--
the one i ignored in the beginning.

now i feel my strength returning,
i see a warm horizon that i
never thought i'd see.

fate has forgiven my
failure to follow
the faithful voice.

i shall wait
for the sun to rise...
instead of forcing it to myself.

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